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User and developer documentation

  • Need some help figuring how you can get things done with our mobile application or portal? Or maybe you're the more adventurous type who's trying to develop against our API?
    All documentation can be found here:

Service desk

Frequently asked questions

1Where can I register do get an account?
We don't allow public registration yet and are working closely with selected partners to optimize our product interface and experience. Want to get involved? Get in touch through the contact page!
2Can I use the API without the App or Portal?
Yes, you definitely can! We welcome developers willing to build their own app using our technology. Get in touch, introduce us to your potential business case and let's build an awesome app!
3How accurate are the measurements?
Ask for our business cases to see how our customers experience our solution in their day-to-day activities.
4What's the pricing?
Depending on your needs we can give you a customized offer. Just get in touch and we'll evaluate your business case together.