Easy-to-use mobile

Easy mobile sizing

Our mobile application is all you need to get optimal results. It guides you in every step of the process by the use of tooltips and visual indicators.

Two pictures is all it takes. One front pose image and one side pose image is all we need to create your measured 3D avatar. In a matter of seconds, our cloud platform is able to calculate more then 100 standard measurements.

Forget about post processing, manual interventions or other labor intensive actions. We deliver results within 60 seconds, from start to finish. The 3d avatar and measurements are instantly available.

One layer clothing and neckline is hair free? You're ready to scan.

We value your privacy. That’s why we made it possible to get scanned while being dressed in day-to-day clothes.


A whole lot of documentation.

Ready to take things to the next step? We enable our customers to integrate our technology into their own software platform. Our fully documented REST API is available for solution customers.

By means of our API, QuantaCorp helps you to integrate with your enterprise systems and business processes. Be more productive, work smarter and more efficiently.

Your data, secured.

User privacy and data security were inherit to our design and development process. Our cloud platform and internal processes are fully GDPR compliant and trusted by enterprise customers.

Sizing in a whole new way

We offer solutions for
workwear, health and retail.

Whether you prefer a mobile phone, tablet or fixed Kiosk installation, we have a scan device available that fits you best and works with any of our solutions.

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