Our most trusted device, the fitting station.

Forget about costly, bulky structures and immobile solutions, with QuantaCorp mobile comes first. We develop for your smartphone or tablet on iOS or Android.

Tablet + optional Depth sensor
Apple iPad Mini 64gb WiFi + Cellular
 including charger
Occipital 3D Structure sensor, including charger

Scanning individuals for instant body measurements.

No matter where you are, you'll always be ready to take a body scan with a QuantaCorp enabled mobile app. Scanned individuals can keep their day-to-day clothes, our advanced algorithms can compensate for obscured parts of the body.

Exchange ability and scalability is embedded in the core of our product.

From the beginning we had an idea on how our technology should be used and how it can create relationships between businesses and people. We opted to create our entire platform in the cloud to facilitate those relationships.

Switching from 2D to 3D mode.

The 3D mode enables the depth sensor and creates a more robust experience for the professional power user. When switched to 2D mode there's the flexibility of scanning with any mobile iOS or Android device, thanks to the power of our AI-fueled segmentation that can handle even the most complex backgrounds.

Patented IP

Quantacorp has developed and patented (granted) its technology:
US8842906B2, CN104508704B, JP6368709B2, WO2013175228A1
RU2635226C2, BR112014029372A2, EP2856426A1, IL235860A

The difficulty of matching body measurements with size charts.

Clothes sizes are a magic combination between theoretical fit and personal feel. Our GLOVE (Gradient and Linear-regression Optimised Vector Engine) matcher is optimized, using machine learning techniques, to get the right size.

It determines the right size of a specific garment and, if applicable, specifies a slim or comfort size that would work as well.

100+ Measurements and a rigged 3D model are instantly available.

We have a standard offer of body measurements but we can tailor this to your needs. The 3D model has a skeleton allowing instant animation.

Offline scanning with postponed processing.

Don't let poor internet connectivity stop you. When offline, users can still take scans and manage relevant information. Once internet is available again, our apps will start uploading all queued data so professional don' lose time or information.

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