A simple scan, two pictures, is all it takes.

Create a digital you using mobile consumer hardware and a depth sensor in a quick, easy and secure way.

Sizing made easy.

Sizing of the human body is a common challenge across many industries. Whether it's in online/ offline commerce, health, fitness or others, determining the size of a person is never easy. With our technology, two pictures is all it takes! Forget about inconsistent measuring tapes or expensive scanning booths that aren't scalable.

With QuantaCorp, sizing the human body has never been that easy.

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From scan to results in less than 10 seconds.
Forget about post processing, manual interventions or other labor intensive actions. We deliver results within 10 seconds, from start to finish. The 3d avatar and measurements are instantly available.
Scanning is as easy as taking two pictures. Anyone can do it! When using a depth sensor, a picture of the front of the individual and a picture of the side is all we need. The process is exactly the same as taking a random picture with your camera.




When using a depth sensor, two pictures is all it takes.


Concerned about your scans becoming publicly available? Don't be! Our platform doesn't require the pictures to be stored at any time. Once they are processed they are permanently discarded. Your scan is stored in an encrypted text string. We don't even require tight clothing to determine body sizes, your average daily clothing will do just fine. Our solutions are always equipped with facial recognition, a simple face blur increases your anonymity.