The Shapewatch kiosk scans the body to measure key biometrics in a matter of seconds, enabling health and wellness facilities to offer a more detailed, accurate and visual account of the body in 3D.

Focus on fitness & health

Track reductions or gains in body measurements

Review biometric feedback and benchmark against health data over time

Use visualisation and dynamic movement assessment to prevent injury and maintain motivation

All in a way clients can understand and action.

Facts about Shapewatch
People already used Shapewatch
Of millennial want quantifiable data
Are likely to buy a body-analyzing device

Scan yourself in front of the kiosk

The images captured during a scan (front and side pose) are combined with statistical body data to generate a 3d avatar and measurements.

The Kiosk can detect correct poses by itself, making the whole scan-experience automated.

It allows members to scan their bodies, track key biometrics, see their body shape in 3D and analyse their functional movement – making progress tracking toward health and fitness goals more real, motivational and empowering.

Seeing is believing. The AR technology provides an additional layer of self-awareness, arming clients with visual, understandable, reliable data that motivates them to become more accountable for their results and encourages them to make better choices in their eating and exercise regimes.

Measuring body composition traditionally consists of a lengthy consultation involving uncomfortable and embarrassing moments for clients. With Shapewatch you can now provide a non-invasive and discreet consultation with more consistent and accurate results.

As a retention and value-add to wellness programs, Shapewatch ensures a seamless, highly personalised, understandable, useful and actionable digital member experience.

“QuantaCorp is a major part of the Shapewatch project. Not only did they develop the whole app, they guided us through the whole process.”

Henrik Rasmussen, Director Shapewatch

Partnership with University College Ghent

Shapewatch closely collaborated with University College Ghent to create an advanced algorithm for body fat percentage calculation based on body measurements.

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