QuantaCorp for B2B workwear companies

The solution for companies faced with a high volume of sizing individuals.

Optimize your process

Our solution is aimed at those companies that design and produce or deliver work wear to other companies in a wide spectrum of markets. Whether it's healthcare, industry or leisure our solution makes sure that they can do so in fast and efficient way. Today these companies are often faced with the time consuming task of organizing fitting sessions with the employees of their customers.

Fitting sessions that take hours as each employee needs to physically try on each individual garment in order to choose the right size. Not to forget the back-office work involved with registering each choice, an error prone process.

With QuantaCorp, time-consuming fitting sessions are in the past.

Fitting station

The Fitting Station is the device you'll use in the field, it's all about the scanning process. It consist out of a tablet and a depth sensor.

We preconfigure and calibrate the device so that it's ready to use. You'll be scanning in no time! It's the optimal balance between mobility and ease of use.

Capturing body measurements is one, getting immediate size advice is two. The Fitting Station does just that.

The Fitting Station is delivered with the following hardware:
Tablet: Apple iPad Mini 4 16gb WiFi + Cellular*, including charger
Depth sensor: Occipital 3D Structure sensor, including charger

* Maximize mobility and scan using a mobile data subscription. Our platform is built to minimize data transfer, so don't worry about those data limits.

For a B2B environment, robustness is key. That's why we expanded our mobile app with depth sensor support. Using a depth sensor provides allot more information and user feedback compared to mere RGB (classic camera) scanning.

The Fitting Station comes pre-configured with our iOS application, available in the app store. Any updates will be pushed through the app store, just like any other app. You'll always be up-to-date.

A beta release of our Android app is also available in the Google Play Store. We don't support depth sensors yet, but expect Google Tango and Intel RealSense support in the near future.

The Fitting Station is designed with two things in mind: scanning individuals and provide immediate size advice.

No matter where you are, you'll always be ready to take a scan and immediately determine the right size for any of the garments in your collection. As long as the size chart is configured in our portal, the garment will be available in the app giving a direct translation between body dimensions and garment size.

Management portal

The Fitting Station is for scanning, we'll handle everything else on the management portal. With high volume of sizing there's also allot of back-office work involved.

Our management portal facilitates the preparation of the project but also the data processing afterwards. This is also the place to manage users, sizecharts and projects.

A useful dashboard will help you keep track of each individual project and take action when needed.

Do you need to integrate with existing ERP solutions? Our API is at your service.

Users - You decide who's responsible for what. Enable your account managers for their own projects without interference.

Projects - Centralize sizing projects around your client. Whether it's a single high volume project or a geographically dispersed project, our portal will help you keep track on progress.

Size charts - Configure a garment once, use it in whatever project it's needed.

As an account manager you want to see the progress in each project. Our dashboard will give you a quick insight in how things are moving along.

You don't want yet another portal where you need to manage users and content?

No worries! We thought about that so everything can be integrated with your existing systems. Whether it's a list of projects, individuals to be scanned, size charts or the captured measurements, with the use of our API we connect to existing platforms and exchange data in a way that works best for you.