Scan large groups of people in record time.

Save up to 90% of your valuable time by saying goodbye to lengthy and logistically challenging fitting sessions.

Get immediate garment size advice.

Our workwear solution is designed in close collaboration with workwear manufacturers and distributors to provide a seamless scanning solution. Using our fitting station, sales agents can manage and administer complete fitting sessions anywhere, anytime.

The app immediately determines the right size for any configured garment by calculating the perfect match between body and garment dimensions.

Our central hub, the management portal.

The management portal is where it all comes together, it's the back-office to the QuantaCorp body measurement platform. It centralizes your customers, sales agents, wearers and products in a clear, efficient and easy-to-use way.

Real world configuration capabilities


Access for the right people to the right content. User management enables administrators to stay in control.

Functional garment groups

Different functions require different garments, that's why we only assign those size recommendations that a wearer actually needs.

Order quantities

Define quantities per project or per individual, our platform makes sure you deliver the correct amounts.

Functional roles

Assign responsibilities so everyone can focus on the functionalities that matter.

The Shapewatch Kiosk is also available for workwear

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