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Based in Ghent, Belgium six people are working on a convenient, disruptive solution to an old and complex problem.

Coming from various professional backgrounds, it was coincidence that brought us together. Six people who believe they can make a difference through technology. Our passion for entrepreneurship and technology have motivated us to take on this opportunity, QuantaCorp. QuantaCorp was founded in April 2015. Nell, Wim and Alexander, all co-founders, immediately started to expand the team in order to be able to bring their measurement service to the market.

Practical info

Amelia Earhartlaan 17 9051 Sint-Denijs Westrem, Ghent Belgium
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Feel free to email any of the colleagues below, depending on the area of your questions.
When can we reach you?
Excellent question! We're based in Ghent, Belgium which means we're on CET. Normal office hours are between 9am and 6pm, but we're often quite flexible.

Alexander Vandevelde

Managing Director

Eleanor Nell Watson


Wim Devos


Oliver Williams

Business Developer